Dreamily Draped Wisteria

I love the changing of the seasons, it’s one of the best parts of living in the Northeast. But we seemed to miss the spring this year. Our Hunter boots went from wading around in feet of snow to splashing through large puddles of rain. But it makes summer that much sweeter. We are dreaming of days filled with sun and flip flops.

Dreamily Draped Wisteria Sitting Pretty

This week we’re transitioning the studio from Spring to Summer and we’re dreaming of all the things that make summer, well, summer. Longer days where the sun lingers well into the evening. More time with the kiddos. Doing less and loving it more. Floral dresses that flow in the wind. Fresh lemons in a gleaming glass of sweet lemonade or squeezed over a delicious platter of freshly grilled veggies. Ripe peaches mixed in our favorite cocktails and churned into refreshingly sweet ice cream. Crisp quilt spread over green grass. Watching the kids run and play. And laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. It’s all so close we can feel it – taste it even


Dreamily Draped Wisteria Celebrate Fathers Day

As we drive around Wayne with the windows down, we see wisteria everywhere and are inspired. Lush wisteria draping dreamily across a warm summer landscape makes us think of beauty, love and fertility – things that are meaningful to families and the family tree. Each season we take what’s inspiring us and curate a Seasonal Vignette – an in-studio look to inspire families. Creamy yellow and draping wisteria capture the essence of summer and will be our focal point for the season. You can experience wisteria in our sessions from now until August.


Dreamily Draped Wisteria Cake Smash

We live in a world where we have to decide if you’re going to live in the moment or capture it.  Eat the extra dessert, laugh for a few more minutes, play the extra game of tag – and let us capture your family at its best.

Come visit us to celebrate Fathers Day, first birthday’s, sitting up, getting the braces on (yes, they are beautiful in the awkward stage too) or off, for a Grandparents visit, with the new puppy, or for your annual family portraits…

This summer, we’re dreaming of being surrounded by wisteria. Join us for a mini session, book here!




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