Hey New Mama, Here’s How to Dress that Just Had a Baby Body

Congrats! After months, maybe years, you’ve finally meet your newborn. And you want to capture that moment and how little they truly are. But we know, no mama feels amazing after giving birth. Because you just you know… you just gave birth.  You might still be swollen, bound and wearing those amazing gauze panties they give you. So the thought of getting in a picture, let alone one that you will create a 30X40 on your wall seems, daunting isn’t the right word – maybe ridiculous.

So here’s the deal from someone who sees new mamas every week. We see mamas who had the perfect pregnancy and birth. We see mamas who had a tough road. We see NICU mamas. We see C-sections and natural births. We see nursing mamas and we see bottled babies. We have seen literally almost EVERY scenario. So we get you. Personal note, I’m still trying to lose the baby weight (Caitie and Lorelai are 6 and 7).

But I want to tell you I look back and those are my favorite images. Nick and I were so in love with our newest bundle. You can see it and so can she. I love that have those memories to cherish and to share.

So here are a few tips on how to dress:

  • Wear Maternity Clothes: Yes, I know you are no longer pregnant, but your uterus grew for 9 months. You literally created a tiny human. Take a page out of Duchess of Whales, Kate’s book. Embrace your beautiful body.
  • Wear Solids: Wear a solid color dress in a natural that hits above the belly. Or jeans and a solid top with sleeves. Or better yet, bring both. 
  • Think About Texture: Texture pulls the focus. A thicker fabric with texture is smooths the silhouette. We love white or creamy eyelet dresses, lacey overlays, chambray dresses, highly starched linen. 

Ok, so now that know what to wear. Here’s the scoop. We got your back. We know what angles work for new moms. We know where to crop to keep the emotion and cut the extra weight. We know how to give you extra sleep (ie how I saw we take the bags from under your eyes). We know where to place the baby to ensure they are the focus and covering areas that might be new to you. 

Please don’t forfeit getting in the picture, I promise you you’ll wish you had in a few years. 



PS: We work with Jaime Diehl, Personal Stylist. While Jaime’s claim to fame is styling the Property Brothers she also styles for Ivory Tree! Do you ever wonder why some families just seem so put together? It’s Jaime. To start, you will receive a personalized Mood Board confirming your style and vision. Depending on your goals you will receive either a personalize Look Book, complete with shoppable links or you can use your existing wardrobe by sending Jaime your look, so she can coordinate the family. This service was created to be quick & easy! We feel it’s perfect for new mamas who have a new body they aren’t used to and who frankly are spending their time keeping a new human alive – she’ll dress the entire family. Customized Styling: $65

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