Laugh Like You’re Little


You love your kids. I love my kids. We all think our kids are literally the most beautiful in the world – inside and out. For me, I love how Caitie crinkles her nose and laughs. When I said that Nick, my husband, he laughed and said you know that’s you right? I love Lorelai’s eyes; they are Nicks in miniature form. I adore when she throws her head back in laughter because her humor consumes every ounce of her. I love when our images aren’t posed but a true representation of them and their very different personalities.

I have the unique ability to look back through the years and not just watch them grow but watch them become the little people they are today. Everyone is unique. Everyone has something that makes them, them. What I love about what we do as artists is we pull that out. We don’t just pose you on a couch and click, it’s about truly knowing your family and your kids. It’s about building a relationship over years. It’s about making each person comfortable in the studio, in themselves and their skin and finally it’s about capturing their true essence.

Marcy photographed this session; she’s been a part of the team for 8 years and has been shooting Caitie and Lorelai since their newborn shoot. What I love about Marcy is she’s grown with our family. They know her and she knows them! She knows that Lorelai is fun, carefree and a little crazy – she might be a miniature Nick, but she has my spirit. Marcy also knows that Caitie is serious, funny and a little shy. Knowing the two different personalities – Marcy shoots them differently. If you look at the image you can see who they really are. I’m not talking about one being a strawberry blonde and one wearing glasses. I’m talking about who they are deep down in their soul.



If you’ve visited Pinterest lately you know homes are trending towards clean lines, metallics, reclaimed wood, and large artwork. These personality portraits are currently being made into two large panels. These pieces are being placed in my living room above the couch and I can hardly contain my excitement. Yes, I know I own a studio so of course I’m obsessed with photography, but art is incredibly personal and should represent your families personally as well as your homes style.

What I learned from my little ladies is to always laugh like you’re little. It’s sometimes hard to remember all the fun in life when you’re busy running errands, to practice, doing laundry and keeping up with work. Every time I see my sweet and sassy little ladies it reminds me that these are fleeting moments – I need to stop and enjoy it. I need to capture it so I can remember who they are at this very moment.



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