Personal Branding, How to Style Your Headshot

Personal branding is so important, you are your brand wether you work for a large corporation or own a small business. Your first impressions is no longer the moment you meet, shake hands and look them in the eye. Your first impressions is when they review your Linked In profile, facebook page or check out your instagram account.  How you represent yourself matters. It’s time to retire those image where you’ve cropped out our loved ones! It’s time to get professional.

A personal brand is more than just your standard headshot. If you are selling a lifestyle, your image should match that. If you’re young and fierce, your image should match that. If you are seasoned and serious, show it. If your knowledgeable and a leader in your industry, get that extra speaking engagement. Or if you’re starting your own company, build your website with amazing images that match your brand style!

We ensure you are your very best version of yourself! We partner with Jaime Dhiel, Professional Stylist. Here are a few tips on how to dress:




Do: Keep It Simple.

Do: keep it simple.  Solids are best as a pattern could easily date the photo and distract from the star of the show… your lovely face.


Do: choose the classics. Black, gray, and navy are timeless and sophisticated… as are classic necklines such as a modest v-neck as opposed to a turtleneck.

Do: Consider your profession.

Do: pick colors that look good on you.  What color always gets you compliments?  A mid-tone green or blue is nice, as is a deep wine and purple…  these are all universally flattering colors.

Don’t: don’t skip the prep work. Try on your outfit in plenty of time before the session so you don’t create a fashion emergency. Sit down and see how the skirt falls. Try on the accessories to ensure they don’t overpower you.  Steam or iron your outfit.

Do: Consider Texture

Don’t go overboard.  Of course it depends on your profession but this is not the day to go high drama on the makeup and hair.  You want your makeup to appear natural.

Do: consider texture. Use texture to add visual interest and showcase your personality!

Do: consider your profession. If you’re a realtor, wear a jacket. If your in interior designer, showcase your personal style.

Headshots are your first impression, make them count! Showcase who you are, the very best version!



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