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Puppy Love

Whether your fur baby is your first baby or your only baby, we know they are family. They crawl into your heart, they protect your home, and are amazing snugglers. We always get the question, “Can I bring my dog to the studio?” And the answer is yes 1,000 times over! We love hosting four legged family members – and they always add a fun element to family sessions.

One of our favorite puppy sessions includes our client, Ginny, with her two German Shepherds. This beautiful session captured Nittany (a Penn Stater!) and Hyperbole’s adorable personalities, and Ginny is proudly sharing her photos with family and friends with an album and reclaimed wood canvas.

Nittany and Hyperbole are both rescues and are the goofiest dogs around. They have so much fun and when they play, they play hard. Their play ethic makes them favorites at their daycare. Ginny, Nittany and Hyperbole also foster German Shepherds for her local rescue organization.  ‘They are very aware when a dog has a physical ailment or has been in a bad situation. They gradually pull a dog out of its shell until it wants to romp and play with them. I am so proud of them each time that happens.’ says Ginny.

Come visit us and bring your pets! We love all types of families and know that while not all members walk on two legs, they are loved just as much!

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