Same Team, New Name



We have loved being a part of the growth of each and every family over the past six years. So much so that we think it’s time to redefine our roots to focus even more on personalizing your photography experience. Your team — Lara, Michelle, Ashley, Kaleigh, and Lexi — are all here to continue to capture all of the moments that matter. Check out their portfolio




We’re excited to offer two new product lines – Luxe and Organic. Of course we still have our classic line, we love nothing more than growing a collection over years. We will continue to have all of the existing products. But we’re now excited to to launch our luxe line and organic line. Check out more products…



We love light, south facing light.  We can’t get enough of it. We also love Wayne.

We’ve had our eye on 21 West Ave in Wayne just waiting for it become available. It  is literally within eye distance from our current studio. The light is to die for, we simply couldn’t pass up the THREE enormous windows. The private bathroom, dressing area, and no stairs for strollers didn’t hurt! We’re still in our current studio until the construction is done so, Follow our progress…



The main line has a unique vibe.  We’ve commissioned a local artist to hand paint a watercolor background. Check her out!  We commission local artists to create truly one of a kind backgrounds, we’ll open with a water color by Rachel Brown Fine Art, check her out…

We’ve redefined our roots to grow with your family… 

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