Look Like You’ve Lost 10 Pounds, Without The Hard Work

How many times have you said to yourself, I’ll get my family portraits done when I lose the last 10 pounds. We hear it all the time. Frankly, I say all the time “when I lose the baby weight”, by the way – my kids are 6 and 7. But here’s the truth, I may or may not ever get back to my pre-baby body. But I do look back at those memories and am glad I got in the picture.

You might not be able to lose the weight but here are some quick posing tips that will help you look like you did:

  1. Sit Up Straight: It might feel awkward because it’s not as natural but it looks clean and crisp.
  2. Perfect Example! Snuggled in, relaxed, collar-bone forward. PS this mom gave birth days before this image and looks amazing!

    Collar Bone Forward: I know that sounds weird but trust us collar-bone forward and angled towards the camera has a slimming effect.

  3. Weight On Your Back Foot: When standing, all your weight should be on your back foot, the front is just for balance.
  4. Snuggle In: Snuggle your little, or not so little, one. There is no better accessory than love and laughter.
  5. Relax & Enjoy: When you relax, it shows. You have less stress lines and it lets your family have fun too, the little ones will feed off your energy, the way to get an amazing image is to ensure they are comfortable and having fun.

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Trust is so important, you should be with a studio you really trust. If you are with a true professional, they will help you pose and look amazing. They will help you take the stress out of planning. Spend the extra $65 to have their stylist plan your wardrobe so you can wake up the morning of your session with a plan and knowing you look amazing!

Finally, let go of preconceived notions. Make sure to let your photographer know your style and goals but don’t bring in a Pinterest image and say I want this exactly. Creating an amazing image is about the technical stuff – exposure and light – but it’s also an art. It’s about the photographer seeing your family’s personality and capturing that. Build trust with a studio and your image will be what others are using as Pinterest inspiration!


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